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Friday a Wash, Saturday on Ice

In the Maud Gonne Dress

In the Maud Gonne Dress

After the expended energy of Thursday, Friday was a wash in terms of accomplishing anything of consequence.  I also did not stretch, though all other requirements were met.  We did, however, manage to get through the last episodes of Dr. Who, season five (with Matt Smith), and it put us both in better moods.

This morning, I got up early and prepared to take Daughter to her first ice skating class.  I drew while my friends talked and the children ran away from us until their class started.  I’d been good, having had a full glass of water with my vitamins, got a water bottle ready for the rink, and made a large cup of tea to take with me in a container for the purpose.  I spilled some of the tea at the rink, though, but drank most all of it (a 12 oz. cup).

After the class was done and the children had a chance to spend a little more time together, we left and headed to PCC to do some grocery shopping.  I brought home four bags of food, and made bagel-veggie sandwiches for lunch, but then I felt drained.  I couldn’t stay up.  Without even thinking about it, I went upstairs and began to change into my night shirt, and gave Daughter some schoolwork tasks, and went to bed.

I thought I would just lay down, pet the cat sitting on my chest for half an hour, and



then feel refreshed and get up.  Instead, as soon as I was beneath the fleece and linen, my whole body sank deep into the earth, and I couldn’t stay awake if I wanted.

I still need to stretch and finish another four glasses of water, but that shouldn’t be difficult.  I’m thirsty and I’m making fettuccine alfredo with crab meat, so the water won’t be a problem.  My body aches, so stretching won’t be pleasant, but maybe I’ll feel better after I’ve pushed myself to do it.

Maud Gonne Dress from GaelsongThe first picture (from yesterday) shows me in a new dress (and thoroughly spent from the day before).  I had posted a link from Gaelsong to Facebook asking why this wasn’t available when I worked there and could get an employee discount.  Yesterday, it showed up after dark on the doorstep, and Daughter practically stripped me herself in the living room to see how I looked in it.  She made me wear it until my partner got home so he could see.  With all the food he picked up at Costco he couldn’t care less, but I love it.