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Any Beginning


Any beginning is enough for a writer, for the real crafting comes not in the stream-of-consciousness out-pouring of words (assuming one does not need to choke them, squeeze them out of one’s flesh like fish paste from a tube, sticky and stinky), but in the editing.  Writing is the trance or the battle, the sacred work comes in the revision process as one’s original orphic, orgiastic performance now comes under the light of a saner, more cautious eye.

While it is unlikely this particular blog will see much of me, as I keep most of my personal discussions to my LiveJournal account by the same name, I have created a series of blogs on WordPress, and wish to endeavor to update them on a regular or semi-regular basis as my work (non-existent except as a volunteer), family (demanding), cats (their numbers increase), and health (currently immobile as I type) allow.  These blogs cover topics as broad as climate change in relation to food and policy to homeschooling to sexuality in the anthropological eye to the wonderfully destructive world of kittens.  Yes, kittens.  I don’t really care to limit myself to a single, narrow track, and I have a tendency of becoming responsible to too many people.

My name is Raven.  Yes, really.