1. an elusive experiment in finding a cure for the common corvid.
2. the proof that Never had her cure all along, but is still wrestling with the final ingredient to solve the puzzle her body has set forth.

Try the following formula:

Raven + Demers + (missing ingredient)
=Nevar + Sremed+ (missing ingredient)
=Never’s + Remed + (missing ingredient)
Let “y” stand for (missing ingredient)
=Never’s Remedy

Because I am my own cure.


* * * * *

Current Diagnoses and Unexplained Symptoms (WARNING: TMI Factors):

Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Stage 3 (disease can be classified as: autoimmune, chronic, genetic; associated with endocrine system, and thus, endocrine disruptors)
Chondromalacia (caused by malformation of the patella in both knees)
Digestive Issues (partly caused by lack of gall bladder)
Chronic Athlete’s Foot of right foot only (little response to naturopathic and over-the-counter remedies after three years; progressing to toenails)
Abnormal Hormonal Fluctuations contributing to:

    • hemorrhaging  and blood clots during menstruation
    • chin hairs
    • difficulty with weight loss
    • mood swings

Potential Cyclothymia
Frequent periods of fatigue
Episodes of Insomnia
Occasional Low-Grade Fevers (related to cysts?)

    • Ibuprofen (leads to multiple points of hemorrhaging for 48+ hours)
    • Dust
    • Mold (several types)
    • Cigarette smoke
    • Onions (indigestion)
    • Scallops (severe stomach cramps and vomiting)
    • Scallions (indigestion)
    • Shallots (indigestion)
    • Certain grasses and pollens
    • Wheat (indigestion and inflammation)
    • Chicken Eggs (indigestion or worse)
    • Cold Iron/Steel (causes blisters)
    • Gold (causes skin rot)
    • Potential: Dairy (indigestion and inflammation?)
    • Potential: Alcohol (indigestion, loose bowel, loss of consciousness in small doses with quick recovery)

History as survivor of rape and abuse.
History of immune deficiency especially with regards to communicable illnesses such as bacterial and viral infections (tonsils out at 2, multiple instances of ear infections, strep throat, bronchial pneumonia, and high fevers).
HSV-1, oral (courtesy of a bad first date with forced kiss)


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