60 Small Ways?


Actually, “60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life in the Next 100 Days” is a nifty list of things to do, but there are some things on this list that aren’t applicable to me (e.g. paying for everything with cash requires actually having money; using a pedometer requires the willingness to buy one and wear it every day; I don’t gamble my money in the stock market, and a lot of the money saving tips simply don’t apply because those aren’t ways I’m spending money in my life), and some that I would add specifically for me (e. g. work a little bit on each of my major projects daily).  This includes some of the changes I want to make at this new moon anyway (minding my words, as seen in #52).

While this says 60 things, there are a lot of these tips that require making lists or that are broken down into several aspects, so it’s a lot more than 60.  To accomplish all of this each day could add a few hours of work to one’s load everyday.

However, I did the math, and if I prepped today and started tomorrow, I would finish my one hundred days just a few days before my 33rd birthday.  So, today when I visit the library, I’m going to print off this list, go through it thoroughly and mark those suggestions that would resonate with my own needs for improvement.  I’d said to Daughter yesterday that I need to renew my routine and create one that will function well toward my goals; this list will help me focus on that goal.

I must admit to some cynicism, though, as some of these just don’t apply to the way I view the world.  When I read #2, the rules to keeping your house in order, I read all of the things I do already and all of the things no one else does in the house.  I close all the cabinets, put back the things that have been taken out, and pick up those things I’ve thrown down (ok, I don’t hang up my clothes; laundry is my Achilles heel; I still have a pile of clean laundry on my bed from last week that the cats have now claimed as their favorite fort, and I just sleep around it because hanging things up is such tedium that I’d rather pick through the clothes on my bed and throw the dirty ones in the hamper as I go).  Getting the other two members of the house to follow those three guidelines?  Not going to happen without a lot of shouting, complaining, or bickering on my end.  Of the others with which I find contention, including the tip that smacks of “The Secret”, #60 is the worst:

60. For the next 100 days, keep reminding yourself that everyone is doing the best that they can.

Nope, sorry, they’re not.  There are many people in this world I know or have encountered who are doing their best, often in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, but I’ve also known far more people who do the least amount of work for the greatest amount of benefit to themselves.  Laziness is inherent in primates, and humans are no exception.  It takes passion or a great motivator for us to rise above and do our best.  Even though it’s part of my own code of ethics to do my best in any action I take, I must admit to being a queen of procrastination and a consummate user of the b—s— essay to get me through completing an assignment.  When something matters to me, I will do my best.  When something matters to someone else who is important in my life, I will do my best.  The rest of the time it’s a struggle to get through an activity without wanting to cop out on quality and move on to something more exciting.  There’s my cynicism for you, at least in part.

Nevertheless, I recognize many admirable possibilities within the list that I want to pursue, and the one that will be most challenging or me is #58:

For the next 100 days, stay in your own life and don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

I suggest anyone reading this pick three things from the list that most resonate with how you want to improve your life and try them out for 100 days.




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