Another New Moon


Raven reflected in Kitty's screen

Last night was the new moon, and I have begun adding again.  This time: writing 6-10 articles per week.  This would mean at least one article a day, six days a week, or up to 2 articles a day for five days each week.  At $15 an article, it isn’t much money in the grand scheme of things, but it’s more money than I’ve been operating with, and considering all the things I need to save up for (Norwescon, Craig/Ana birthdays, potential acupuncture/surgery, and the rotating 5-week check for hydrotherapy, et al.), I need to get serious about my only source of income.

Cotton's First Day Home

I’ve been going to my hydrotherapy classes, but with the new kitten–say hi to Cotton!–we’ve taken a break from yoga classes (to be resumed soon).

My weight hasn’t gone down, and lately I’ve been feeling just as run down as I did before starting the supplements.  It might have a rather mundane cause though, considering how much time I’ve been throwing myself into an MMORPG like the addict I am and not getting to bed when I know I should.  Water intake is good and sustained, but I still haven’t gotten on top of the daily stretching/exercise.  Daily photos just don’t seem all that important to me anymore, but I have been taking them on occasion to still mark progress (about once a week).

Spring, Dammit!

I might feel more inclined to do a daily photo when I have the family room cleaned up and my main computer easily accessible for photo editing–then I can dock my Nikon which allows me to take more creative pictures.

We did started gardening recently, just in small part, utilizing permaculture techniques (guilds) to support existing flora in our front yard using seeds I’d bought in previous ambitious years.  If you want to know more, check out Gaia’s Garden for more information.  I checked it out from the library and fell in love enough to add it to my wishlist.

Mama & Cotton watch "Big" with the Daughter

Weirdness has ensued, though, as I try to progress.  The last two hydrotherapy sessions left me so drained that both times, I ended up nodding off after lunch.  The first time, I was home and slept for three and a half hours when I’d only intended to sleep one.  The second time, I was sitting on the bleachers while the kids attended their swim class, and my best friend drove me to her house and ordered me to her bed until I was fit to drive.  After a half hour rest period and water, she considered me clear for take off, but I was still sleepy the rest of the evening.  No, not sleepy, exhausted.

Cotton's Favorite Napping Spot

I’m considering an acupuncture procedure on a particular cyst that’s been open since before I met my partner, but it’s going to take saving up money and gulping down my fear about so many injections (not just needles, but syringes!) at once.  The alternative to this–an allopathic extreme–is to completely excise the tissue around the area and remove the sinus created by the cyst.  I was informed by my doctor that if I went through with the surgery, it could take several weeks, possibly months to heal, and I wouldn’t be able to sit for quite some time.  The surgery would remove enough tissue to disfigure me.  Neither prospect makes me want to go forward with this last choice option, but if the acupuncture doesn’t work, what am I left with?  Even the manuka honey hasn’t healed it completely.

Bah.  I’m trying to be motivated, but I so often feel weighed down by the huge list of things to do, consider, and save for, I keep falling into a procrastination pattern and avoiding anything but the very basic necessities.  :\

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    • His favorite spot is actually curled up on my breasts with his arms around my neck and his head on my shoulder so he can nuzzle when he stirs. So yeah, “awwww” indeed. ^_^

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