Before the New Moon to Now


I’ll need to keep this brief since I am borrowing a computer (still).  I’d left my laptop at Mystyrica’s house early last week, and events conspired to keep me from picking it up.  That being said, what limited images I have taken of myself are on the laptop, so there won’t be anything to see here until I retrieve it. 

It was the new moon on Thursday when Daughter & I went to our first gentle yoga class.  She did fairly well with listening, and I’m glad it was only an hour, or she’d have become bored.  For me, it was extremely difficult to get through.  The first pose was child pose, and it’s one of the hardest ones for me.  My knees hate it, I can’t bend far enough forward because my belly gets in the way, and even if I spread my knees wide, once my forehead’s to the mat, I start to suffocate myself (thanks breasts).

Nevertheless, we got through the first class, and we’ll be going back this Thursday.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll be swimming twice a week as well in a therapeutic class nearby.  This is part of the new moon’s additions to my routine.  Starting last Thursday, I will be donig something active each day: walking, swimming, beginning calisthenics, or yoga depending on weather and the class(es) I have that day. 

While I’ve not been keeping up with my stretching, I’ve been even worse about taking the daily photo.  Part of that is due to depression.  My kitten still hasn’t returned home, and though we’ve been working to entertain his sister, I find it all the more disheartening when I have to go release an opposum from the humane cat trap his adoption agency loaned us to find him.  I don’t feel as though he’s dead, but I don’t know if we’ll ever see him again, either. 

Good things: I’ve kept up with my vitamins and water (I missed only one day’s quota of the latter), and I’m increasingly getting better about stretching.  I’m listening to my body more, and though my activity hasn’t greatly increased yet, it will be soon.  Daughter suggested I measure myself today after we were looking at a clothing store that didn’t carry my size.  Since last August, I lost 1″ under my bust (nothing in the bust, proper), 1/2″ in my waist, and 1 1/2″ in my hip measurement.  I was surprised since my weight has hovered around 260 despite changes, and recently went up as my body headed toward menstruation (totally normal).  Maybe I’m losing fat but gaining muscle?  I definitely have more energy than before (thanks, CoQ10!), and though that doesn’t change other issues, it gives me more “spoons” to deal with everything else.

Stuff I’ve learned so far from my body:

  • Minimum 64oz. water + good sleep = less acne (at least it’s proved true in me)
  • More energy = better coping skills, less need for naps (doesn’t change procrastination, depression, or pain, just how I deal with it)
  • Eating a big lunch and a smaller dinner makes me feel better the next day
  • Yep, still shouldn’t eat chicken eggs
  • My knees are underdeveloped, and I may just have to live with that

My goal is to also start making notes of certain cyclical things to guage what’s really going on.  Are my cysts forming at certain points in my moon cycle? Are they reacting to certain foods or habits in my diet?  Will activity reduce the hemmorhaging I experience each month instead of a normal menstrual cycle?  By keeping a notebook (and making a monthly line graph to make sense of the data), I might be better able to see what’s going on and what my body’s subtle triggers are.  I also might learn more about myself than I realized before.

I’m really proud of myself for saving up the money for the first five week class of swimming, and I’m grateful to my partner who agreed to pay for the yoga classes for us.  I’m also proud of myself for giving me breaks when I need them, and honoring my need to be responsible to myself in all ways.  We’ve got a lot scheduled for the coming month, most of it related to my health or Daughter’s homeschooling, but I think I can get through it all fairly well.  I’m both nervous and excited.  I’m also rather disappointed, but I believe major dietary changes will be necessary in the near future; I’m saving up money to get allergy testing to prove it to myself, but most cow-dairy and all wheat might be removed from our diets.  If so, I plan to give myself a going-away-from-[x-food]-party, and I already said to my partner that if I have to give up cow’s cheese, we have to go to the Melting Pot just once before then (I’ve never been).  It’s an experience I want to have before I make any further shifts to my eating habits.


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