Long Day

Tired, but Not Beaten

Tired, but not beaten

Vits and water?  Check.
Daily photo?  Check.
Stretching? Check.
Meditation?  Heading there in a moment.
Daughter’s room cleaned and vacuumed?  Ask the girl sleeping on the couch again tonight.  *sigh*

I made a spectacular (and spectacularly simple) dinner.  You would have wanted it, it would make you drool, so I won’t tell you how incredible the rice and veggies were in butter and sage, or how drizzling almonds and lemon-butter sauce over the fish made their mouths water.

But now I’m spent, and not in any fun way, so I’m off to crawl into bed, meditate a while, and slip into blissful rest until some cat’s butt ends up sharing a pillow with my head (which is how I awoke this morning).


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