Days 16-19


Raven grins before bed

Whatever dreams I had of a clean kitchen have yet to be realized.  In truth, it’s about an hour’s worth of work away from being done.  In reality, it is an illusion that such a thing could be achieved.  Let’s give a quick run down of the last four days.

I’m fairly certain that Thursday was a complete wash.  After all my hard work and energetic efforts on Wednesday, I checked out with the exception of meals.  Oh wait, no!  Now I recall.  I was a very diligent homeschooling parent.  We ate brunch, walked to the library, came back with more materials after exchanging others, and sat down to do TWO HOURS of doodle math as inspired by Vi Hart’s YouTube videos.  (I have yet to get a chance to post it in my homeschooling blog, but I will soon.  After the 25th.)  Most of the day was shot after that, and I focused on making dinner and enjoying the evening.

Friday was supposed to be a work day.  I had three articles to write and a long list of to do’s most of which I now have only tomorrow to accomplish.  What happened?  The brakes needed to be fixed on the car, and my partner hadn’t got up to take his car in.  With a lot of persuasion and a whole lot more effort, I convinced the mechanic to see us later in the day and not only drove my partner to work, but had to spend a cold day in Redmond waiting for the car.  It was supposed to be two hours, which in mechanic speak is 5 1/2 hours.

Silver Stage Self Portrait

Yes, this is a self portrait. See the mirror?

It wasn’t a total waste of a day.  I got some holiday shopping done–the last of it that I can afford to do–and Daughter and I mailed packages, visited my bank, enjoyed a stop for drinks at Victor’s Coffee, and played in the outdoor percussion playground at Redmond Town Center.  But really, it was about two hours too long.  I spent one hour just helping another mom with a one year old find presents for all the kids in her family.  “So let’s see, you’ve got two nine year olds, an eight year old, a five, four-and-a-half, and two-and-a-half year old.  Ok.”  I started handing her books I knew were good, and even gave up the possibility of buying an exact replica of a book I’d had and wanted to give Daughter.  One of those books I’d saved since I was a kid only to have it destroyed like the rest of them in a flood when she was three.  But it was worth it.  I got the best baby hug in the world (I let him play with my phone), and I managed to relieve another mom of a mountain of stress.  I figured I couldn’t make my stress go away so easily, so I’d make better use of my time.  SO WORTH IT.

$8 Rice.  You heard me.

$8 Rice

Anyway, my partner must have been grateful for my efforts, because after I picked him up he joked about me making the salmon I’d planned to make, and without a lick of persuasion on my end, he took us out to a tasty meal at India Palace, which we’d never tried.  Turned out it was extraordinarily good, and we now only have to drive fifteen minutes to get quality Indian food to rival Cedar’s, Taste of India, or Shalimar over in the U-District.

However, spending most of my day in the cold wind with my chest not covered well enough, and not having water on hand throughout the day (or lip balm!), I ended up worn out, my lips were chapped, and my throat was sore.  It was worse the next morning, and I spent the day drinking down three pots of a tea blend I’d made for the occasion: bancha green loose leaf with chrysanthemum buds and stevia leaves.  We saw my father, his wife, and my two little sisters (and I mean little, we’re 24 and 25 1/2 years apart in age) over at Rikki Rikki.  We gorged on sushi and talked for two hours.  We said our good byes for the evening and spent a bit of time in the bookstore at the plaza, but I just didn’t have much left.  I went to bed before 10 with meds, liquids, and a lot of agreement with myself that I’d sleep as much as was needful.

I took a daily photo yesterday, but it’s on my Nikon, and I haven’t pulled it off of there yet.  Bah.

I've been reading too many Assange articles.

You can't see it but the shirt's covered in rice flour.

Today I felt a little better, though I’m going to need to head to bed right away after posting so I can ensure my efforts aren’t wasted.  I know my body, and it’s saying “sleep soon or get sick.”  I drank another pot of tea today, cleaned off the stairs, did some necessary grocery shopping, and made my best friend a vegan, wheat free pecan pie that’s still brewing in the oven.  I have a tester to see if it’s worth giving.  All’s fair in love and war, but why does thickening my dishes always seem to be a battle of wills?

Also, tonight was the best night for claiming assignments.  Everyone’s doing something for the holidays, and I filled up my queue for the week.  And all of them are titles that make sense and are in subjects I have a lot of experience with writing!  ^_^

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