Day 15

Close up

Raven close up

Many battles were fought, but the war is not yet won. The kitchen I intended to conquer is much improved, but there are certain areas that still require intense work. I have a few large pieces of cookware that need scrubbing hard and fast, a stove that needs deep cleaning, a host of water bottles and wine glasses that were shoved in a corner and forgotten, and a host of bulk spices need to be placed in glass jars and labeled.

Then, then there is the area where Daughter does school work when she can’t concentrate in the living room or crafts that are messy.  It’s a mess, and part of it is my fault (I placed a puzzle we finished across her drafting table, but have yet to find an appropriate backing for decoupage).  The fridge is also in need of deep rooting about.

What did I accomplish then?  Almost every other dish in my household is clean, including the pots and serving ware.  My long counter is cleaned, organized, and there’s now a lot more room for the most used appliances and lunch boxes.  There are fresh herbs wrapped in muslin and hung from rubber bands and clothespins clipped to cabinet knobs.

There was eggplant curry with garam masala and coconut milk and brown basmati rice for dinner.


One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was my calcium score on my blood test.  The maximum of the “normal” range was 10.2 units, and I was at 10.4.  It isn’t terribly high, but that number came from blood drawn before I’d started taking calcium supplements.  So I dropped them from my regimen, and am currently focused only on the D3 (which has magnesium and zinc), Omega-3, and B-complex.  ^_^


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