Day 9: Trip to Tukwila


My friend in Tukwila picked us up and took us to her house (a long journey, thank you for the efforts!) in order to work with Daughter and I in a spiritual capacity.  We’d prepared lunch and did some circle work, talked basics of chakras and opening/closing circles, and did some past life discussion as well.  Then my friend drummed for me so I could journey, we ate our lunch and chatted, and then closed circle.  A long talk on the way back, and I was drained.  When I got the message from my co-author that s/he wouldn’t be on again (it’s been a couple of weeks now), I rattle journeyed for a quick question, meditated, and then took a short nap that left me with a few names, but not nearly enough answers for this short story I need to finish.

It also left me realizing that at that point I’d only had two cups of tea and three glasses of water.  I’ve had two more since then–just one to go–and all my vites were taken care of with breakfast (three fig newman’s, a banana, and a cup of tea count as breakfast).  All that remains is the picture, which reflects a lot of the way I’ve been feeling the last week since my back seized on Saturday.

Blurry Raven, shot from above

Blurry Raven, shot from above

Tomorrow, I need to make it through the Nutcracker with Daughter and friend-of-friend’s daughter.  There’s so much I need to be doing, and so much pain I’ll need to struggle through just to watch this show.  I keep reminding myself that I’m doing it for the kids.

One more glass of water, and one rough draft to go, and then I can head to bed.

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  1. We are *SOOOO* overdue for getting together. If I can manage the spoons tomorrow is; a) drain hot tub, b) fill hot tub, c) wait impatiently for 6-8 hours to get habitably hot.

    I have this new story, too… kinda jumped into head. I’ve thus far gotten exactly two words written.

    • Agreed. We might have people over on the 21st, but at this point, I can’t say for sure if I’ll get both the time and energy necessary to make the house acceptably tidy by that time. Also, most people likely already have plans and/or don’t want to drive out to Woodinville on a Tuesday evening.

      December is fairly booked, but maybe after the Solstice/Yule/Christmas schmear, I am more likely available for one-on-one time. Or, well, whatever number count there is when child and SO’s and such are added in.

  2. poor angel. you look absolutely ghostly in that photo. i admire your withstanding the pain so the children can see the nutcracker, but please try to get some rest whenever you can.

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