Days 4 & 5: Where Did They Go?


Saturday my hip and lower back which had been twisted in a most painful way several months ago went back outta whack.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as last time, but it was severely limiting my mobility, especially in terms of bending.  I took lots of naproxyn sodium, stretched a lot, and now the area is still store and stiff, but it’s not nearly as bad.

However, I still drank my quota of water both days and took my vitamins.  I also took a photo of myself Sunday, but my daughter took my picture on Saturday on our way to her Claymation workshop.

Taken by Anastasia

Raven biting back the pain

It took a lot to get me out the door, since my back seized up about an hour before we left, but we managed to get there on time and all went well.

Avoiding sitting in my usual writing chair because I don’t think it was helping my back at all, I spent a lot of time getting housework done.  Got one large load of dishes finished, and then took on the project of the shoe rack area, tossing out old or tight shoes, and sweeping up the mat and floor and getting the whole entrance spruced.  Quite rewarding.  Went out for groceries, made an early supper, and took a nap.

Raven in her favorite knit top with her septacle

Raven in her favorite knit top with her septacle

I really like the way this pic turned out.  It may be a bit blurry from a shaky hand, but I like my smile, my hair looks cute, and that knit shirt makes me feel fantastic, especially if I can pair it with my crushed velvet pants, and the ankle boots my daughter bought me.  ^_^  Lucky mama.

I should mention that our meals were thrown off because I stayed up until 5a.m. reading one of the Sookie Stackhouse novels from start to finish.  I woke up at 9:30, but stayed in bed snuggling with Taigil until noon.  No one else had gotten up before me.  I am the household alarm clock, it would seem.


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