Day 1: The Beginning


Today is the day of the new moon, and it is also the beginning of a thirteen month plan for working toward healthy habits and making small changes across a year in order to improve my health and the way I feel.

Each month, I have selected things important to me as resolutions.  At the start of each month, I will begin taking on a daily or weekly schedule to incorporate these goals into my life and giving them a small amount of my time to show to myself that they are a priority, and ultimately, that I am as important as all of the other people I care for.

Today I also went into the doctor, drugged on naproxyn sodium for the inflammation and diazepam for my needle phobia.  The blood tests will determine whether I have coeliac disease, a gluten intolerance, or other major food allergies.  Considering all of the health issues I have stacking against me, one thing I think I can do to improve things at home is to make certain I’m eating only those foods that are safe for me to eat.  The level of daily inflammation I deal with suggest more than fibromyalgia to me, it says I may be ingesting things to which I am allergic.  One step toward health and control of my illnesses is to eat only those foods known to be safe.

Thanks to my friend and my supportive doctor, I got through the test!

Proof of my harrowing adventure!

Proof of my harrowing, drugged adventure!

That being said, it’s day 1!  My resolutions for the first month seem simple, but unless there’s accountability, I have difficulty keeping up with it.  So, the rules are simple. Each month, I add a new resolution for good habits, and I have to stick to those, plus those from the preceding months.


  1. Daily self photo.  Not a new idea; there are a host of communities online dedicated to daily self-portraits, but I want to see the changes I’m going through, and see if I notice a difference.  Also, I’m almost exclusively the only one who takes photos of me anymore.  If I don’t do it, there simply won’t be pictures of me.
  2. Daily vitamins.  I eat well, but ever since my gall bladder was removed, I haven’t been digesting my food well.  Also, if I have coeliac disease, I wouldn’t be absorbing most nutrients either, and I live in the PNW, either way, so I need my vitamin D3 boost because we don’t get the right kind of sunlight here.  Current regimen: Vitamin D3, Calcium, B-12, and Omega-3.  I may add in glucosamine for my knees once I get them x-rayed.
  3. A minimum of 64oz. of water or a combination of water and other fluids daily.  It’s easy for me to drink my fill of water in summer, but in the colder months, I just forget, and it shows in dry lips and a thirsty tongue.

I took my vitamins this morning along with the meds and have already had four glasses of water and a cup of almond milk.  I also took my daily photo:

Raven on her way to the blood draw

Raven on her way to the blood draw

For those that know me well, that’s the shortest my hair’s been since I was a toddler.  It’s exactly to my shoulders, and yesterday, daughter and I henna’d our hair.  As she said to me today. “I just can’t get over your hair being so short and so red!”

“Kids, it’ll grow back.”

Weight*: 259.8 lbs.

*Weight is taken first in the morning, nude, just before showering; it fluctuates across the day, the week, and the month, but since summer, I’ve lost eight pounds and kept it off, just by paying attention to very subtle changes in my body and honoring them.  Also, I weigh less after my showers, but I don’t like getting the scale wet.  This does not indicate a sign of health, but I take it to better understand my daily cycles, and I am starting to see a pattern in dips and rises at ovulation and just before menstruation.

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