Day 2: A Smidge More Energy


Yesterday I managed to drink nine glasses of water!  Of course, for anyone who has done this before will well attest, that as the body grows accustomed to consuming a significant amount of water on a regular basis, the first week usually involves 4a.m. wake ups for bathroom trips.  This morning was no different, but I still managed to get a good five or six hours of sleep, despite staying up to write until 3a.m.

Today I’m already into my fourth glass, I’ve taken my vites, and I took my picture (hair still wet):

A quick snapshot with wet hair

A quick snap with wet hair

I’ve also managed to clean out the garbage and recycling from the bathroom, and Daughter started another load of laundry for me. Still a lot to do if I have any hopes of inviting people over for Solstice, but it’s a good beginning.  I’m rearranging my writing with my cleaning times today so I can still connect with my co-author, or else I’d be up there finishing the counter and floor.  ^_^


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