Writing Links


Just dropping in quickly to share a couple of links on writing:

Every problem a story has ever had (completely comprehensive and universal)

And I know it’s NaNoWriMo for many people this month, but did you hear about NaGraMoWriMo?  It was last month, but was focused on graphic novels, and included a host of amazing tips.  See them here!  The writing tips from experts in graphic novel writing and publication are good all year round, and for someone like me who has thought about doing one, but has only some vague idea of what kind of story to tell and absolutely no drawing skills, learning the writing side of it is a big boost.  It seems to me the tips for writing a graphic novel aren’t very different from those of writing a short story, only the writer needs to consider what’s being told through visuals as well as words, which further cuts down the “fat” of the text.  Or it should.  🙂

What we teach when we teach writers: on the quantifiable and uncertain.

The Confessions of a semi-successful author

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